Monday, November 15, 2010

Christian Music Summit at Overlake

 This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Christian Music summit at Overlake church near Seattle. The first day was spent in the Songwriter's Bootcamp where we learned how to craft a song and had one of our songs we had already written critiqued by professionals. The biggest part of the weekend however was Fri and Sat when the church was filled with 100's of musicians, worship leaders and pastors. The days started off with a half-hour of worship and then a sermon. Followed by classes and concerts at the end of the night.

 We met many new friends but best of all was attended with some old friends. Here are some pics of me and Lenore and Sarah Runkle.
Blues Counsel (a pic of the kilt-wearing guitar player for my friend Joel)
 This is Jolene a good friend of Lenore's who travelled over to represent Deer Park Calvary along with their worship leader Darrin White, a new friend!
I found myself  enjoying the spiritual content of the weekend much more than the business content which is exactly as it should be! There were some very moving stories and some very convicting sermons given. I left with the feeling of coming to terms with certain realities but also being greatly encouraged to make Christ the center of EVERYTHING in my life. This seems obvious but its always good to be reminded of where all good gifts come from. :)

Silly Sisters

 The gentleman pictured above is Mr. Phil Keaggy. It was probably a highlight of my life to spend an hour in workshop with him with only about 60 other people and then to see him live in concert. There has never been an artist with the talent of Phil Keaggy in my mind but even more than that, I have never seen the humility or felt the complete delight of the Lord in watching any other person perform than I did watching Mr. Keaggy.

 These are the Wilkinsons, a brother band that offered themselves up as guinea pigs for a workshop by Tom Jackson a man who teaches us how to make the most out of live performance. Very funny and helpful info.

Nor, Jolene, and Darrin

Flying Saucer Pizza

 The best gourmet pizza I've had in a long time. Was just a few blocks down from the church. Anyone in the area should GO! NOW! and EAT PIZZA! NOW!
Mr. Rick Cua, the singer/songwriter who kindly and gently critiqued my song.  Also the bass player for Blues Counsel pictured above

 This is the rockin Z that was parked in the lot with a treble cleff and custom pinstriping on the side. Pretty!
Thus ended my time at the Christian Music Summit. I would have more to say but I am still in a state of much processing and my brain is still a little mush. But if you want to know more just call me! It was a great experience and I'm thankful for the time with family and friend and safe travel.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Ventures

Hello all! I thought I would let you all in on the fact that Daniel and I are beginning a new venture. This new venture is something he and I will both enjoy very much, be able to do as a family, and hopefully one day use to bring some extra income into the household. Now that you know its not baby #3 I will tell you what it is...home recording!!!!! Okay you know Daniel and I have always been interested in music in its many forms and now the ability to see how good we can get at making that music last forever is something we are very excited about! I will be practicing and learning with my own music but if anyone want to be a guinea pig then we would love to have you bring your talents to us just for fun as we learn the ins and outs of our equipment and our program. This is going to be a slow process and we have yet to even finish the room we will be recording in but I'm sharing this now because we would like to choose a business name and get ourselves liscensed. So....Come one, come all to the name game and help us come up with something great! We have a few ideas but would love more so leave a comment with some suggestions okay?! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sandpoint Beach

You gotta love the cloudy sky and the hot latte'. That's how we roll!
Sarah and Logan
Love how clear the water is!
Trevor just chillin
A few weeks ago we decided to head out to the Sandpoint City beach. It was a great day that was supposed to be really warm. Soon after we arrived clouds came in and it became overcast and chilly. I had dressed the girls for the 84 degree weather we were supposed to be having. Luckily some friends had a few extra clothes they could borrow to keep them warm. The cold didn't deter the kids from getting in the water but the moms stayed dry and chose to get the little ones out earlier than they though. Not to have our day shortened, we headed over to the playground and then got free lunches at the park from Child Nation. By that time the sun had returned and we stayed another hour just hanging out on the grass in the large center lawn. All in all it was a wonderful time with friends and lots of kiddos!
Sarah, Brodie and Trevor's sis (Nicki I can't believe I am blanking on your daughter's name!)